-About the Ergohitch Family-

Our family has been involved in farming and manufacturing for generations. We have made numerous custom items for our personal use. As the years have passed by, we noticed a dramatic decrease in the availability of quality equipment and parts at reasonable prices. We have also noticed that it has become harder to find good help as our family is becoming fewer in number and are involved with other full-time endeavors and spread over a larger area of the country. It has also become obvious we are not as quick or strong as we used to be! We felt our latest manufacturing endeavor, Ergo-Hitch, could help everyone perform their jobs and enjoy their hobbies in a more safe and efficient manner.So in 2009, we formed ErgoTech. We are committed to bringing you the very best quality equipment at the greatest value possible. We will never sell you anything we would not use ourselves.
Finally, a simple solution!
We at ErgoTech love to design things to make your jobs safer, hobbies more enjoyable, and life a whole lot easier. We are proud to announce the release of Ergo-Hitch. Ergo-Hitch is an automatically aligning and locking hitch. It’s just that simple. With models for your truck, tractor, baler, implements and trailers, it is your perfect solution.

Ergo-Hitch is designed to change the hitch market. It will replace every hitch you use today. It is the strongest, most versatile automatic hitch on the market. Its surprisingly compact design makes it easy for everyone to handle. Used with one of over four specially designed balls or our tongue support and vertical alignment ramps, there is no limit to the uses for Ergo-Hitch.