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After extensive engineering and testing, ErgoTech, LLC is releasing Ergo-Hitch Generation II. It's been redesigned to work when hitch and clevis turning clearance is as little as 3 3/8" and with specially coated pins to open even easier while under forward pressure from your trailer or wagon. Ergo-Hitch has been independently tested to pull over 60,000# and carry 8,000# before failing and it is still less than 2" thick and weighs less than 30#.

Generation II Examples
A limited supply of the 1st Generation Ergo-Htich are still available. Clevis clearance is 4" for the small model which uses pins up to 7/8" and 4.5" for the large model which uses pins up to 1.25".

We recommend 40,000# maximum gross towing weight and 2,000# maximum trailer weight.

Keep in mind Ergo-Hitch was designed with SAFETY as our first concern and when used with the tongue-tender, it becomes a true one person operation to hook up to your grain or hay wagon, without leaving the seat of your tractor or truck. The Big-Mouth or a clevis adapter can be added for even more alignment flexibility. A few people have said they they now agree: "There's never been anything like Ergo-Hitch!" have seen "something like Ergo-Hitch" a long time ago and "it wasn't very good." After testing Ergo-Hitch on their farms,

100 Series Direct mount to your vehicle to replace any regular hitch you may have. Remember to never exceed vehicle weight rating. When combined with the Ergo-Ball attachment, it meets all Class I, II, III, and IV ball hitch towing applications; and when used with the drawbar adaparter, all Cat. I-III tractor towing needs.  

2" solid shank, Class III,
10,000#GTW-1000#TW, Standard Duty Use with pin up to 1.25"


  "Tongue-Tender" Wagon Tongue Lift - Adjustable, weld-on/clamp-on. No flimsy springs here. Heavy duty die springs for worry-free use and allows tongue to move up or down when going over rough terrain. Can be used on anything with a tongue. For storage, you can tie the tongue up or lower it to the ground. 2 models: Single chain and spring for light tongues, 2 chain and spring for heavy tongues.
T2-100 Tongue Tender

Full adjustable, spring cushioned weld on or bolt on to keep tongue at the perfect height. This example uses u-bolts.



  "Big-Mouth" Vertical Alignment Ramps - These ramps are simply attached to the clevis of the wagon tongue to add 4" of vertical flexibility when hooking up to any model Ergo-Hitch.
VR-100 Big Mouth

For small to medium sized wagons, use with 7/8" grade 8 bolt

PRICE: $25.00

For larger sized wagons, use with up to 1.25" Gr. 8 bolt

PRICE: $25.00

  Ergo-Ball - For use with all ball hitch trailers. Class I, II, III, and IV applications. Special alignment plates to assure easy connection.
B-500 Ball Hitch

1" Ball, 1.25" Stem, Class II, 3500#
Use with Standard Duty Ergo-Hitch


2" Ball, 1.25" Stem, Class III, 6000#
Use with Standard Duty Ergo-Hitch


2 5/16" Ball, 1.25" Stem, Class IV, 10,000#
Use with Heavy Duty Ergo-Hitch


  Drawbar Adapter - The drawbar adapter allows all 100 Series hitches to be used on any drawbar.
Drawbar Adaptor

Connect Ergo-Hitch to any drawbar


Adaptor - For attaching EH-150 to a drawbar of a Forecart and loader bucket

Connect to a drawbar of a Forecart and loader bucket


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