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"I have been using the Ergo-Hitch for the past couple of years and very pleased with the practical thought you put into the design, structure and manufacturing of this product. It does the job without complicated process or manual assist. Just back into it, hear the lock click, attach the chains and drive away. It just doesn't get any better than that. What a relief to “hitch up” without crawling in and out of the vehicle several times to align the hitch on the pickup to the hitch on the trailer. Your product works like “magic”, every time, every day and saves me many aches and pains. Well done!"
-- R.D. Steale

"The ERGO HITCH is built to do the work. Whether on the farm or at the lake, it will handle what you are pulling, wagon or boat. The ease of hitch up is amazing."
-- Ron Kloeppel